V-Tech Flat Chest Mod V2.3

»Clockwork angels, spread their arms and sing .


*** NSFW Full Version ***


V-Tech Flat Chest Mod for Maitreya Mesh Body V2.3 (Link)


(NOTE: Using a classic avatar head paired with the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body)

.:Jake Skin by Sugar Pill (Link) [NSFW]

.:Light 1 Skin applier by Enfer Sombre (Link [NSFW])


.:See this post here


.:Maitreya Lara Mesh Body (Review [NSFW]) | (Where to buy)

.:Shape modded from original newbie one

.:Altair & Appliers by Letis Tattoo (Link)

.:Marilyn Tattoo by CAROL G TATTOO (Link)

.:Mesh ears by Mandala (Link)

.:Mesh hands in Casual by Slink (Link)


.:Gabriel in Platinums by BURLEY & Taketomi (Link)


Tink Mesh Jeans in Sky by Blueberry (Link)


.:Steampunk Glasses Classic Decay by Marian Kungler (Link)

.:Nipple Piercing P1 by RealEvil Industries (Link)

.:YOLO Jewelry Set by MANDALA Jewelry (Link)

.:Catalina Naval Piercing by *KC|Couture* (Link)



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