Vael Faye (flowersforkain):

i. Coffee addict.

ii. Second Life resident since May 10, 2013.

iii. Tries not to use image manipulation too much. ERMAGERD WINDLIGHTS.

iv. “Indie hipster trash” ―Random SL Resident 2017 🤟

Lezbian Lollipop wannabe” ―Random SL Resident 2018 🤟

v. Occasionally highlights/reviews  items worn by my SL avatar.

↪ Occasionally takes inworld snapshots of interesting things.

vi. Drifts from one outfit to another on a daily basis… and oftentimes several in one day.

vii. Personal style ranges from everything under the sun.

↪ Currently wearing a lot of pieces in red, gold, and silver.

viii. My daily constants: a fabulous pair of shoes and an open mind. Also:




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