Questions I encounter during my various online misadventures:


I. What’s your gender?

A. Ambiguous… is my short answer. Or gender fluid. It fluctuates, depending on my mood. Some days I simply feel more frilly than others. I don’t think of myself as locked into any one gender,  which is as true with my RL as it is with SL. Simply being a blank canvas has always suited my needs just fine, and whatever pronouns you want to use is fine with me. The only thing I care about is do my shoes look good at least?

II. How old are you?

A. Laverne & Shirley was an excellent show.

III. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? “Do you want to date?” “sexy u wana” “OMGSEXPLLSSS”

A. Happily married in RL. No, because I’m way out of your league, trust me. No, I don’t wana. Noooooo, you poor potato of an avatar you.

IV. Where do you live?

A. Earth.

V. Where do you work/What do you do?

A. By daytime I’m a genius, billionaire, play dough philanthropist. By night I’m a crime fighting vigilante who wears a cape and sparkly heels.

…or I’m just another worker bee who brings home the bacon at the end of the day. ;-p

VI. What does ‘frabjous’ in your profile info mean?

A. — Coined by Lewis Carroll in ‘Through the Looking-Glass’ (1871), the word frabjous and its meaning was conceived from the union of fabulous and joyous. It is defined as wonderful, elegant, superb, or delicious. There, you learned something today.

VII. Why does your avatar look anorexic?

A. It’s NEVER my intention to be an accidental trigger to people. Anorexia is a serious subject, one which I would never, ever, willingly encourage, or for that matter, joke about.

Everyone has a reason for making their Second Life avatar look the way that they do; some people create one quickly to suit their purposes, others might just put a little bit more time and effort into the customization process. My reasoning just happens to be the fact that I have a LOT of mesh clothing in my inventory dating back to the time before FitMesh was first introduced. My current avatar shape (the same noobie one I’ve used since I stumbled into Freebie Galaxy for the first time) is still tailored to fit them, when I feel the urge to throw something on for photography or blogging purposes. When I swapped over to the Maitreya mesh body, I didn’t feel the need to drastically alter my default shape because I like to remain consistent.

All that being said, the best I can say is that while I do appreciate concerned IMs informing me that my virtual avatar made up of pixels and lines of coding looks “unhealthy”, perhaps the best thing you can do (for your own peace of mind) is to simply  block and derender my avatar, using the tools that your SL interface provides you with. I promise I won’t get offended or upset. I’ll probably never even know.

Helpful links to support sites listed below.  Blessed Be, friends.

ANAD – The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders

NEDA – National Eating Disorders Association

ABC – Anorexia & Bulima Care (UK)